Agus Sutanto (2011) Potensi Penetralan Ph Limbah Cair Nanas Dengan Bioremediasi Oleh Bakteri Indigen

Berk. Penel. Hayati Edisi Khusus: 6c (25-30),2011

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Pineapple Liquid waste has high acidity and still ttnfulfilled required quality standarcl. Processing occurred at the waste processing

installation with pond system (Lagoon) required a wide space and keep long time so that less e/ficient. Based on this problem, it needs an waste management by utilizing bioprocess technology using indigenotts bacteria's ability in degrading organic pollutant called

Bioremediation' The obiectitte ofthis researchvlas to get isolated indigenous bacteria, enables to increase pH quatity standarcl. It

was divided into four stages. First, performed characteristic observation of isolated bacteria that potentially increase pH, seconclly

decomposition capability test in vitro' and thirdly scale bioremediation test pilot plan, fourthly bioremediation test in ex situ at the

microbiology laboratoty of Malang State Lrniversity. Data were analyzed by I'arian analysis to test the presence or absence of dffirences

and regression test to analyze the link between variables. First phase result; l 5 isolated indigenous bacteria were able to litte at pH 2,

and pH 4, and increased pH.. Potential consortia bacteria consisting of more ffictive I species, intdicatect by 4 consortia bacteria

increased highest pH in 6 days. Starter bacteriawith a consortia Kl s combination (ABCD), Volume: 5% (vtv) and 6 days were the

most e/fective incubation time in increasing pH. Seconcl phase result; l) A significant link among the ntLmber of bacteria, a. Bacillus

cereus' b' Acinetobacter haumanni, c. Bacillus subtilis, d. Pseudomonas pseudomallei ancl not abccl against pH with contribution of

72'7% and positively coffelated, 2) Mertia treatment and incubation time gave distinctive oLttcome against pH, citric acid, malic acid,

and succinic acid against pH indicated by negative correlation betv)een organic acid against pH in pLW, j) there was a link between

organic acid level and PLW pH, organic acid concentration clecrease would increase pH at scale bioremediation test pilot plan, and

ex situ scale' Threshold pH achievement limit valtte on oh day (6.5) quality standard: 6-9. In accordance with ministry decree LH No.

05 year 2007 industrial wastewater quality standarcl, suggested to industty to use this stucly in processing its waste.

Kqtwords: bioremediation, isolated indigenous bacteria, pineapple liqtidwaste


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