Suharto and Ligery (2018) The Influence Of Bancassurance Products And Responsiveness To Consumer Behavior And Corporate Image As Mediation Variables: A Study At Bank Metro Madani, Metro City

Rjoas, 1(73), 47-57

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Behavior of consumers is an important factor in the purchase decision. The purpose of research is to know the influence of bancassurance products, responsiveness and company image to the consumer behavior. This research, using primary data collected by the method of explanatory survey and sampling techniques in the form of forcible entry, sampling of 250 respondents in Bank of Metro Madani, Metro City. The results of research: bancassurance products directly affect the conduct of consumer respondent; company image directly affects the conduct of consumers; bancassurance products directly affect to company image.
Bancassurance products, responsiveness, corporate image, consumer behavior.


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