Suharto and Suhada (2017) The Influence Of Product And Company Image On Saving Decision Through Trust Variable At The People's Credit Bank Eka Bumi Artha In Metro City

Rjoas, 8(68); 179-187

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This research uses product image, company image, trust, and saving decision variables. Data used in this research is primary data collected using explanatory survey method with the total population of 14,175 customers. The sample is 150 customer respondents. The instrument used in this research is a Likert scale at the Office of People's Credit Bank Eka Bumi Artha Metro. Testing of requirements instrument includes validity and reliability testing. Meanwhile, normality, homogeneity, linearity, and significance of regression testing are used in order to test the requirements analysis. Data analysis uses Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The research result found that the product image has a positive effect on trust, the company image does not have direct postifive effect on the trust, product image has direct postifive effect on saving decision, the company image does not have direct postifive effect on the saving decision and the trust has direct postifive effect on the saving decision.
Key Words
Product image, company image, trust, saving decision.


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