Suharto (2016) Model Development Of Customer Loyalty Using The Customer Relationship Management (crm) In Bank Customers In The Province Of Lampung

The 1st Internasional Conference On Economics, Business, And Accounting 2016, Pp. 335 - 340

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This study is aimed at finding a prototype of customer loyalty-based customer relationship management (CRM) is the right of the bank owned by the government through the economic empowerment of institutions Household Industry, Business Group, and Micro, Small and Medium area of Lampung Province. The study used survey method by using the data from the customer selected as samples, as well as interviews with various sources in order to identify the model, using descriptive qualitative and quantitative method. The results of this study is to identify the factors in
customer relationship management that can affect customer loyalty groups, Household Industry, Business Group, and Micro, Small and Medium-sized banks owned by local governments of Lampung Province, and to obtain a model of customer loyalty using customer relationship management through empowerment poor society.
Keywords: Customer Relationship Management, Customer Loyalty


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