Suharto; Suyanto; Nedi Hendri (2019) The Impact Of Organizational Commitment On Job Performance

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Purpose: This research discusses the direct effect of multicultural competencies, organizational fairness and organizational commitment on job performance. The primary data was collected using explanatory survey.

Design/Methodology/Approach: The sample consists of 350 respondents who are civil servants in Central Lampung Regency, Metro municipality and East Lampung Regency. The requirement analysis test used normality Lilliefors, homogeneity, linearity and significance regression. The data analysis technique is SEM (Structural Equation Modeling) analysis.

Finding: The research results show that multicultural competence directly influences organizational fairness, multicultural competence directly influences organizational commitment, multicultural competence has no direct influence on job performance, organizational fairness directly influences organizational commitment, organizational fairness has no direct influence on job performance, and organizational commitment directly influences job performance.

Practical Implications: Organizational commitment consisting of the belief in organizational values and goals should be improved so that skills, effort and nature of work condition become better.

Originality/Value: The achievement of employees’ performance result and output recognized by the organization where they work and characterized by skills, effort and nature of work conditions is the combination of the part which represents better employees’ performance.

Keywords: Multicultural competencies, organizational fairness, organizational commitment, job performance.


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