Muhammad Ihsan Dacholfany (2015) Teacher Professional And Traits In Improving The Quality Of Nation Acer-n Isbn 978-983-2267-81-2

Asean Comparative Education Research Network Comporence (acer-n

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This paper examines the education is a very important issue in anticipation of the future because education is always oriented to the learner to play a role in the future. Thus the object of study on the need for teacher professional and character because of that success or failure of an education strongly influenced by educators or teachers. A teacher should have a personality that is noble, exemplary, honest, wise, authoritative, responsible, and have a soul sincerity to strive to build and enhance the quality of human resources through the glorious mandated tasks. The methodology of this paper is a qualitative study which is a study involving a review (survey) which aims to determine the orientation and character of professional teachers and teaching methods of teachers in schools. expectations or results of this study are able to make not only a skillful teacher is able to teach, but he was also able to teach and educate properly. Teachers not only able present  science, but he also was able to guide and teach the values ??that are needed to face the future. Teachers whose character is not only have the intellectual ability but also has the ability to be emotionally and spiritually so that the teacher is able to open the eyes of the heart learners to learn, and be able to live well in society. Character  teachers with strong and intelligent, is expected to carry out the mandate of educating learners so that the hopes and ideals of the nation, parent and can be achieved with good.

Keywords: Teacher, Professional, characterless