Muhammad Ihsan Dacholfany (2015) Muktamar Bahasa Arab Dan Pendidikan : Musaahamautu Al-fikr Wa Nashol Imam Zarkasyi Uin Jakarta

Uin Jakarta Fakultas Tarbiyah

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Sheikh Imam Zarkashi is not known in the wider community, especially in the pillars of Islamic education, although he has a contribution and efforts and a realistic form in the establishment of the Institute of modern Islam Contour. As for the development of Islamic education, Imam Zarkshi has significant contributions to follow the founder of institutes and schools In local (Indonesian) or foreign. The new curriculum, administration and systems of Islamic education, which do not follow a prescribed system of religious ministry or ministry, have introduced national knowledge. In addition, many students of the modern Dar es Salaam Institute of Contour have succeeded in following the teachings of Sheikh Imam Zarkshi Graduates who have a high social service in the life facilities such as in the educational institution, politics or industry and the like. Therefore, the intellectual contributions made by Sheikh Imam Zerkshi for the development of the Institute is the leadership and management and education of ethics and the education system and its method and curriculum and its materials and which have a difference and superiority of the system of education, but nevertheless, all that has been presented Sheikh In front of Zerkshi in need of the spirit of coexistence Institute Dar es Salaam modern Contour where the humanitarian, social and cultural deal with the students and teachers of the Institute or with the environment mostly. But what matters to us here is that the spirit of coexistence of the institute is what makes it interactive and intertwined. Therefore, the spirit of cohabitation in which the systems or departments and the contents of it entered the system of education at the Islamic University, such as the University of Azhar in Cairo and the University of Chaaghet Africa North University, the Islamic University of Allegar and the University of Shantinketan. Based on this, the Islamic University, which has become the educational cooperation, has a complete influence on building the integration of science and religion in the active and learning of education as it is important for the structure of the students behavior or creation is subject to competence and a good speech by social interaction. Moreover, the active learning and learning It is great to promote the desire of students in science and its experimentation or process in daily life as it is to support the Indonesian civilization.