Muhammad Ihsan Dacholfany (2015) Role Of Educational Institutions Dealing Radicalism

Pascasarjana Stain Jurai Siwo

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The phenomenon of increasing radicalism actions caused
shallow understanding of religion. Therefore, preventive efforts right now is to
revitalize the religious and moral education in schools, families, and society.
Education and religious instruction run is now merely a formality, not push the
material and moral and character formation of students. Besides the allocation
of teaching hours of religion and morality improved in terms of quantity and
quality. Moreover, the subject matter of non-religious or general should also
be directed at strengthening the morals and character of students that can not
be separated from the essence of education as mandated by the 1945
Constitution and Law No. 20 Year 2003 on National Education System so that
radicalism is often the case can be broken even eliminated, especially
instituted education.