Muhammad Ihsan Dacholfany (2016) Revitalization Of Education In Indonesia_different And Distince- Pam Isbn 978-602-74663-1-9

Proceeding Indonesia – Malaysia Symposium On Southeast Asia Studies.

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The high quality of education of the population is characterized by the declining low levels of education and increased participation in education and the number of professional experts that are generated through the education system. Improving the quality of education is an important factor that must be considered in an effort to organize the achievement of national development objectives, such as increasing the quality of human and people of Indonesia and the mastery of science and technology, as well as national discipline as the embodiment of decency in the ASEAN community, then education is not just an obligation, more than education is a necessity. As where humans will become more sophisticated with their education. The purpose of education itself vary, depending private individuals saw education itself, nothing looked good education can improve the status of works, so that achieved comfortable job, some are looking at education is a means of transportation to bring it to the level it all, Hereby writing gives the concept that education in Indonesia is the major central pillar or the establishment of a state or nation in which the quality of educational institutions and human resources can be sought for more advanced and more exist in the eyes of the world are superior and different from other countries, especially ASEAN countries. The success of a country's development is determined by the presence of qualified human resources, resulting among other things also go through a quality education. Not to imbalance of Indonesia education role in the development process of the nation is due to the policy makers in this case the government is still not united in this case the government is still not united in realizing the role that education can boost the nation's economic development progress. Problems of education we are getting increasingly complex and full of challenges, it is necessary solutions and policies that can be done by the community and the government in implementing programs and activities to improve the quality of education superior and different from other countries.