Suryanto (2016) Theimplementation Of Full Day Schools In Indonesian Cultural Contexts

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Full day school systems have been applied in both western and east educational system. More interestingly, a discours e on the implementation of full day schools was popularized by the new appointed Indonesian ministry of education although the discourse triggers pros and cons of Indonesian people. To clarify this issue, the writer will make a study to find out ho w the im plementations of full day schools are in some schools in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In addition, he would like to reveal the challenges of the implementation of full day schools and he will also investigate its strength and weaknesses of such an implementation . To gather the data, he will purposively interview five parents, five teachers and five students from schools that have already implemented full day school systems. The findings of this study are expected to provide evidence - based pictures of the implemen tation of full day school system that may benefit parents, teachers, policy makers and even students themselves to deal with such an issue. The thematic analyses for the interview transcripts classified the findings into four major themes: a ) motivation of sending, teaching, and studying at full day schools, b ) teaching and learning processes, c ) teaching and learning outcomes, and d ) other facilities.

Keywords : formal education, non formal education, full day schools, informal education


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