Amelia Agustiara (2016) Using Think-aloud Protocols To Improve Students‟ Narrative Writing At Efl Classroom

Lembaga Penelitian Um Metro

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The current research is concerned with think aloud protocols. It was intended to investigate the stud ents‟ use of think aloud protocols in writing class; and to see if there is an improvement of students‟ narrative writing achievement during the process of treatment. The subject involves 27 students of SMK Muhammadiyah 1 Metro. To collect the data, writin g test, and observation were used. This research reveals that think aloud protocols improved students narrative writing. It is also found that think aloud protocols is important in learning. It is suggested that think aloud protocols is very helpful for th e learners.

Keywords: Think - aloud protocols, Narrative Writing, EFL


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