Asep Hardiyanto (2016) Task-based Language Teaching To Enhance Students Writing Skill At The Tertiary Level

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This article was aimed to investigate the impact of Task - Based Language Teaching (TBLT) towa rd students‘ writing skill. The current research was conducted at STKIP Muhammadiyah Kotabumi Lampung, Indonesia. In collecting the sample, the researcher used purposive sampling technique, then the chosen sample was the second semester students of English Departement consisting of 20 students. The design of this research is one - class - pretest - posttest design. To gather the data, the researcher gave writing test both for pre test and post test in which the researcher would compared the students‘ writing achi evement in pre test and post test. The data in this research was analized by using t - test. After tabulating the data, it was found that the students‘ writing achievement in pre test and post test was different. The reasearcher found that the students ‘ writ ing skill was positively enhanced after being taught by TBLT. Therefore, it can be conculded that TBLT can be used as a technique to teach even to enhance students‘ writing skill at the university level.

Keywords : Task - Based Language Teaching, Writing Ski ll, Enhance, Experimental Study.


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