Elis Susanti (2016) The Effect Of Gender Andgender-base Texts On Students‘ Reading Comprehension

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Teaching reading skill is sometimes difficult for the English Foreign Language (EFL) teachers since it really depends on their students‘ interest in the reading material. Several studies show that students‘ interest in their reading material is one of the important factors which can influence their reading comprehension. Hence, it demands the EFL learners to be smart in using str ategy in order to keep their students excited about what they read. This quantitative research is aimed at knowing whether or not gender and gender - based material (texts) give significant effect on students‘ reading comprehension so it causes the differenc e achievement on both male and female‘s reading comprehension. The population of the research was all of the eleventh science grade students of SMAN 2 Kotabumi Academic Year 2015/2016. Meanwhile, the sample was 30% out of the total number of population tak en by using stratified random sampling technique. The data of the research was taken by using a reading test using two gender oriented text (male and female oriented text) selected on the basis of their readibility and content familiarity. The data analys is done by using Two - way Anova shows that gender and gender based material give significant effetc on students‘ reading comprehension. Furthermore, it is also known that male and female students perform differently on their reading comprehension ability of female - oriented text in which female students perform better on comprehending female - oriented text than the male students.

Keywords : Reading Comprehension, Gender, Gender - Base Texts, Female - Oriented Text, Male - Orient ed Text