Fatahillah (2016) Overview Applicationapproach Student Centered Learningin Higher Education Based Onthe Principles Adragogy

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Learning Approach used in Higher Education properly use Student - centered approach that is based on scientific principles Andragogi, but in implementation was not using that. This research attempts to provide an overview of how the student - centered approach running by lecturer, In orde to Illustrated of Image Learning Implementation in the Department of Mathematics education STKIP Muhammadiyah Pringsewu Lampung. This Research is a qualitative study with the case studies tradition and using domain analysis, that is try to provide specific picture as a generalization for the same case, b ut the results do not apply in the same case. The conclusion of this study is; 1) The using of student - oriented approach were not formally they implemented, but in reality, Strategies and methods that they did appear to be those approach, 2) obstacles in the implementation student oriented approach include; constra ints in the implementation of technical nature, and constraints on the things that are supporting the implementation of learning approaches; 3) The solutions offered by the lecturers to overcome all obstacles include; facility improvements, Improvements in steps and methods of learning, Improvements in steps and methods of learning, Improvements in the way we communicate with students, expand the involvement of students in learning searching materials resources .

Keywords : Higher Education, Student Centered Learning approach, Principles Andragogi