Heri Cahyono, Arief Rifkiawan Hamzah, A. Noor Islahudin (2016) Foster Entrepreneurship Intention Through Entrepreneurship Education In Islam

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The purpose this article is reveal the gap between the young people of Indonesia with the intention of entrepreneurship. The gaps can be show that yo uth who become entrepreneurs less than the other young men who work, and others do not have a steady job. The other view that the entrepreneur is not a prestigious thing for young people increasingly rampant and penetrated to the other young men. As a resu lt, those who are young have never had any intention of becoming an entrepreneur. This is a problem of religion and state, which may not continue to happen later penetrated the young generation. Therefore, it is necessary to get more attention to foster yo uth entrepreneurship intentions Indonesia and can compete with other nations in the arena Asean Economic Community (AEC). To cultivate the intention of entrepreneurship among the youth is not easy, we need to educate them with the provision of cognitive, a ffective and psychomotor through education - based entrepreneur Islam, which it implemented in schools,madrasah and colleges.

Keywords : Young of Indonesia, Intention Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Education in Islam