Ida Umami, Dharma Setyawan, Ahmad Madkur (2016) Moving Intellectual Collective: The Collaboration Of Muhammadiyah And Citizen Journalism Portal Pojoksamber.comin Advocating Child Sexual Violance In Metro City Lampung

Lembaga Penelitian Um Metro

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This paper is a case study of child sexual abuse at a kindergarten ( TK ) in Metro City. In this case, the Assembly of law and the H uman Rights of Muhammadiyah Metro and the citizen journalism portal successfully uncovered the cases of sexual abuse that have been more than one month without response from the authorities to investigate the case completely. The victim was a female student of a state kindergarten in Metro City where the perpetrator was a part of the educational institutions itself. The mother of the victim of child sexual abuse suffered intimidation from the people who hav e protected and covered the inciden ce in the kindergarten which belongs to City Goverment. The reports from victim's mother regargding the result of visum in hospital to the police was not responded by the police, although the visum indicates that t he child not only suffered from sexual abu se but also from bleeding in area of sex. These studies reveal the role of collaboration between the assembly of law and the human rights of Muhammadiyah Metro City and portal citizen journalism in conducting advocacy and raising support 29 academicians in Metro City to investigate this case of child sexual abuse. This research useed ethnographic approach and utilized the theory of collective intellectual Pierre Bourdieu.

Keywords : Collaboration, Sexual Abuse, Muhammadiyah, and Collective Intellectual


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