Irmayani, Suharmanto (2016) Questioning Types In Teacher Talk In English Language Teaching

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Classroom questioning is an extensively researched topic. This paper examines the types and functions of questions of teacher ta lk occurred in English language teaching. An exemplary teacher teaching English in different materials in a second year class of state senior high school was the subject of the study. Transcripts from the audio visual tapes and field note f rom classroom ob servation were analyzed. Findings revealed that there were the teacher used questioning strategies by applying some type of questions and performing the type of questions in each session of teaching. The referential questions and open questions were the do minant depending on the material that the teacher transferred to the students. Otherwise, the display and closed - ended questions were used only a few times by teacher. The function of the questions was dominated by the use of questions that were for encour aging the students to participate in classroom instruction.

Keywords : Question Types, Teacher Talk, Display and Referential Questions


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