JamiluddinYacub (2016) Preparing Education Based On The Multiple Intelligencesin Dealing With The Asean Economic Community (aec)

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Everyone has the intelligence but it appears in different types, humans h ave the ability to improve and strengthen their intelligence. Furthermore, it can be changed and can also be taught to others because intelligence is the reality of a compound which appears in different parts of the brain system or the human mind at a cert ain level, intelligence is a unified whole, the child basically has the same intelligence, but has a kind of intelligence that differ from each other to cooperate and support each other. Based on this fact, the author will discusstheinclusive Education loo ked at the intelligence as something that is infinite, the school gives priority to explore and develop the students‟ potency, while the exclusive schoo l is the opposite that is the school that promotes academic, such schools are only suitable for children who wants to be smart, but thereare still a fewstudents‟potency which excavated , and even tends to be ignored because there has been no change in the system used to provide education to improve significantly so that many schools or madrasas (Islamic school ) and some educational elements are still not in line with the educational system. Theoretically, if they have the equal potency and intelligence, being taught by the same teacher, using the same method, studying at the same class, the allocation of the sam e time, then the result will be the same that all students will be "Success" . Therefore, this paper shows that education based on Multiple Intelligences indicated that the education should be based on the students‟ interests; the curriculum is based on st udents‟ needs; it is neither based on the teachers‟ interests, nor the school, and even the interests of regional heads.

Keywords : Education Based , Multiple Intelligences


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