Juhri AM, Agus Riyanto (2016) School-based Management Implementation At Muhammadiyah Elementary School Of Metro

Lembaga Penelitian Um Metro

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Education in Indonesia is not developed as those the founders of ASEAN. This results in the Indonesian graduate quality beneath Singapore, Brunei, Malysia, Thailand, Philippines. This condition boosts to fix the Indonesian education sy tem especially in the education management in every education unit level. One of ways is to implement school - based management (MBS). This approach started in 2002 by the policy of Nasional education ministry, Prof. Malik Fajar. The facts, up to this time m any schools have not implemented MBS efectively. This trigers reseachers‟ interest to carry out study deeply. This descriptive - qualitative study tries to describe information from data sources. The study was carried out at Muhammadiyah Elementary School o f Metro. The informants of data source were the school principal, vice principal of curriculum, administrative staff, school committee representative and documents. The findings reveal that Muhammadiyah elementary school of Metro has implemented school - ba sed management efectively. Each management function works efectively, collaborately along with school components.

Keywords: School - Based Management, Muhammadiyah Elementary School of Metro