Karwono, Nurul Atika (2016) The Religiously Humanistic Learning Approach To Develop Students‟ Character In Cross-cultural Counseling Course

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This research was conducted in order to (1) Find out a set of listing requirement to develop students‟ character in Cross - Cultural Counseling course. (2) Arrange religiously humanistic learning approach to develop students‟ character in Cross - Cu ltural Counseling Course. The research approach used is research development, ADDIE model of instructional design, (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation). The population of this research is all the students who follow Cross - Cultura l Counseling course with number of students are 89 that consist of three classes. Determination of the research done at random samples from three classes, it is based on consideration of three classes characteristic in homogeneous students. The result of t his research is, (1) the characteristic of Cross Cultural Counseling Course tend learning orientation is still dominated by the activities of lecturer (teaching oriented). The student is still reputed as the object of learning, learning foothold on the flo w of behavi orism. The approach still emphasizes cognitive learning. Actualization of potential and human values is still marginalized in the development of student characteristic. (2) Map of the problem that arise in the learning Counseling Across Cultures is: An u nderstanding of the curriculum essence in the education system is still lack, there is a gap between the RPS learning implementation in the classroom, the formulation of the learning outcome is less clear, strategy and method of teaching - oriented, the asse ssment is more dominant on the measurement of cognitive ability, the instruments for assessing dominated by a written test.

Keywords : Religiously Humanistic Learning Approach