Dewi Gartika, Fitri Melawati, Riki Satia Muharam (2016) Innovation Creative Economy Ridwan Kamil In Bandung City

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Economic rooted in economic activity of creative industries called the creative economy. In the creative economy, the government (regulators) and the company (operator) require a separate paradigm in policy decisions and management. Bandung is known as a city of art that people have high creativity; both in terms of design unique fashion, until the creatio n of the food was always experience the latest developments. Bandung does not have the natural resources and energy, who owned only human resources. Therefore, the Government of Bandung encourages the growth of creative industries, such as fashion, culinary and design. To make Bandung as a city that is convenient for business, Mayor Ridwan Kamil make inroads are being made to create a conducive business climate associated with licensing, incentives and encouragement that helps people build and run business. This paper focuses on how innovation creative economy Ridwan Kamil in Bandung City .

K e y w ord s : Innovation, Creative, Economy, Ridwan Kamil


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