Purwo Trapsilo (2016) Developing Interactive Multimedia Material Text Recount Oral And Write About Simple Experiences At Efl

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The aims of research are: (1) to describe the condition and potency of current learning on the basic material text recount, (2) to produce teaching learning materials Compac Disc (CD) interactive multimedia which is integrated with b asic competence in the form of procedural text with manuals and tips, (3) to analyze the effectiveness, (4) to find efficiency, and (5) to find attractiveness of the program. The method of the research used research and development and it was conducted at one semester students EFL Data were collected through observation, questionnaires and tests. Analyze data uses descriptif and Gain test. The conclusions of research are; (1) EFL has the potency of using IT, tools and infrastucture of computer, teaching mat erial to suport the teaching process, (2) the process produced the product through lectora program, (3) The teaching and learning process utilizing interactive multimedia teaching material is more effective, shown by N - Gain score 0.71, (4) after using inte ractive multimedia, the teaching and learning process can save 90 minutes compared to the previous lesson, (5) learning using interactive multimedia interesting, in organizing strategy (87.00%), in terms of delivery (84,97%), and in terms of program manage ment strategies to obtain optimal learning results (85.04%).

Keywords : Interactive Multimedia, Teks Recount, English.


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