Rulik Setiani (2016) An Analysis Of Students‟ Error In Translating English

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Translation is an essential thing that should be mastered by students in order to achieve a sucessful learning process in the college or university. Translation is the replacement of representation of a text in one language by representation of an equivalent text in a secon d language. Translating is related with a written language. In translating process, sometimes the lecturer asks the students to translate the text, but the students usually do the error in their translation because they are lack of grammar and their knowle dge. Errors with failures in competence determine grammatically and mistake with failures in performance determines acceptability. These types of errors consist of omission, addition, misformation, and misordering. the errors can be in the form of omission , sometimes they omit the word or suffix that must be used in their translation, or in the form of addition, in this case they add unimportant word or suffix, or misformation, this error is characterized by the incorrect form structure or morpheme, and mis ordering, it is characterized by incorrect placement of structure or morpheme in an utterance.

Keywords : Analysis, Error, Translating, English