Sugiatmo Kasmungin, Kartika Fajarwati Hartono, Pauhest Rusdi (2016) Development Strategy Of Petroleum Engineering Department Trisakti University In Globalization Era

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This study proposes for reviewing development of Petroleum Engineering Department in Trisakti University and determining the strategy in order to improve quality of graduates in globalization era. The existence of global changes in the world, especially th e expansion in communication and information technology era, will indirectly affect the system of engineering education in preparing of human resources. Nowadays, oil and gas reserves in Indonesia even worldwide scale, is declining so that affect the produ ction of oil and gas in Indonesia and worldwide. The declining of oil and gas production will affect to job availability in oil and gas industry to increase the oil and gas production. Therefore, it is needed human resources that expert in oil and gas indu stry. Petroleum Engineering Department, Trisakti University is one of private university that wants to take a role in educating the human resources to be future expertise in oil and gas industry. The methodology used is determining the strategy for improvi ng and developing the quality of graduates, consists of organization revamping, improvement of lecturer quality or academic staff, recruitment of students, control of curriculum, practical work for students. These strategies are proposed in order to create high quality human resources (academic staff) and quality assurance, so that graduate students have good ability and quality to face the future challenging of oil and gas industry.

Keywords : Quality Of Graduates, Quality Assurance, Practical Work, Teamwork