Tri Budianingsih (2016) Implementation Of Quantum Learningsubjects On Speaking Mandarin

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This study aims to determine the application and barriers experienced lecturers and students in planning, implementing and evaluating the quantum learning course on speaking Mandarin Chinese literature department of the Univ ersity of Al Azhar Indonesia (UAI) 2 semesters (two). This research is a qualitative descriptive study. Subjects consisted of 1 supporting lecturers and 19 students of the 2nd semester of data collection techniques used were observation, interviews, questi onnaires and documentation. Data were analyzed using data reduction step, data display, and conclusion. Mechanical examination of the validity of data using is a triangulation method. The results showed that at the planning stage lecturers initially still needs a lot of adjustments for quantum learning is still very rarely applied in teaching in the classroom. During the implementation phase quantum learning, classroom learning activities of students feel positive, feel learning to speak Mandarin very pleas ant. In the assessment phase, lecturers have been using a special assessment of learning to speak which consists of five components, namely assessment, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension ability fluent level. Assessment is done individua lly when the practice of speaking in front of the class at the end of each meeting. Obstacles encountered by the lecturer is not able to control the class well .

Keywords : Implementation, Quantum Learning, Speak Mandarin


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