Ujang Habibi (2016) Mohammad Natsir Education Model Of Preacher Cadre

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This study is a qualitative research results about Education Model of Mohammad Natsir preac her Cadre. As a study of the intellectual history regarding thought and movement of an Islamic figure, the approach used is historical and sociological way obtained through the literature study (library research). The primary data in this study were obtain ed from: a) a source of books or papers or other forms of written documents written directly by M. Natsir. b) Direct interviews of researchers to some cadres who were ever trained by M. Natsir and Natsir‟s children. The secondary data is the data from the review of the paper or perspective of other people about M. Natsir. The purpose of this study is to find the reality and the educational model of preacher cadre who have done by Mohammad Natsir. From the research about the Education Model of Mohammad Natsi r preacher it was obtained several findings as follows: First, the Education of preacher cadres by M. Natsir is a necessity, this has been demonstrated by sending children ideological/not biological children to learn to the Middle East especially to Saudi Arabia in an effort to equip themselves to become preachers who are expected to take part to guide people and nations. Second, the Education Model of Mohammad Natsir preacher Cadre contain at least three main elements namely education goals, programs and p rocesses. On the element of goal, all involvement of M. Natsir either in education or in other forms, should aim at preaching to enforce Islamic law. As the initiator of the establishment of several Islamic college, M. Natsir have great hopes that in the f uture there will be scholars proselytizing enforcement in accordance with their respective fields: become a doctor thus he was a doctor and a preacher, to be a scientist thus he is scientists and a preacher, when becoming an architect so he became architec t and a preacher and so on. For him, that is the real preacher cadres. On elements of the program, education of preachers cadre conducted by M. Natsir not entirely in the form of formal education, even it was implemented through non - formal. Formally such P endis, Pesantren, and sending students to study in the Middle East, and others. Non - formal education were training and coaching in campus mosques. While elements of the process, M. Natsir directly gives assignments to his cadre. If the task he has given ca n be accomplished well, then he would give such additional tasks, and so on so that these cadres to mature in carrying out and doing his duties. But if he is not a ble to complete the task that has been given by M. Natsir, then he would give other duties in accordance with the tendency of a cadre.

Keywords : M. Natsir, Education, Da‟i, Thought