Wawan (2016) Building Of The Students Capability On The Problem Solving And Mathematical Communication Through Realistic Mathematics Indonesia Approach (pmri)

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This study aimed to describe the learning process of using Realistic Mathematics I ndonesia Approach as the solution to build the students ability on problem solving and mathematical communication and to know the result of application of this approach. The type of this research was Classroom Action Research. The procedure of this study w asdone twocycles; each cycle consists of four steeps: planning, action, observation, and reflection. The subject of this study was the fourth grade of elementary school at I Kaligesing, which are 17 students. The research instrument includes sheets observa tion and tests. Sheet Observation was used to obtain data on religiosity and social students during the students‟ learning, while the test wa s used to measure the ability of mathematical problem solving and communication students. The core of these activit ies include: delivery of realistic problems, group discussions, presentations and conclusions. The rate of spiritual aspects of students in the first cycle was obtained average 5.96, and the second cycle was obtained average 6.83. For the assessment of the social aspect, the liveliness indicator increased by 6% from the first cycle to the second cycle, the indicator of cooperation obtained 10% increase and the tolerance indicator obtained an increase of 10% from the first cycle to the second cycle. The resu lts of the measurement of problem - solving skills in the initial conditions obtained an average of 50.15, in the first cycle obtained a mean of 64.12, and then at the second cycle were obtained average of 74.41. As for the measurement of the results mathema tical communication skills, in the initial conditions only gained an average of 48.6, after the first cycle obtained average of 65.71, and the second cycle was obtained 75.23. From these results it can be concluded that the application of PMRI can increase student‟s ability on the problem solving and mathematical communication

Keywords: Approach, PMRI, Problem Solving and Mathematical Communication