Yunni Arnidha (2016) Learning Resource Based Approach Toward Reasoning Ability And Student Mathematical Disposition

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Mathematical reasoning is the process of thinking logically using the facts and the relevant sources in drawing conclusions. Mathematical reasoning skills are indispensable linked to the needs of students to solve problems encountered in daily life. In ad dition , in developing students' cognitive abilities: the ability of mathematical reasoning, mathematical learning is expected to develop a mathematical disposition of students that is affective abilities. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the learning ability of students' mathematical reasoning and disposition. Resource Based Learning is one of learning approach that exposes students to a number of learning resources that help students search for information to solve the problem effectively. This resear ch is an experimental research by implementing Resource Based Learning in the experimental class and the control class using conventional learning. Data collecting technique by using a test instrument mathematical reasoning skills and dispositions of studen ts in the form of a questionnaire . It used L ikert scale questionnaire. Based on the analysis , it can be concluded that the mathematical reasoning abilities of students who use the Resource Based Learning approach better than students who received conventio nal learning. Analysis of questionnaire data on learning the Resource Based Learning approach shows students' mathematical disposition is quite high compared to conventional classroom.

Keywords : Resource Based Learning, Mathematical Reasoning, Mathematica l Disposition, Conventional Learning .