Abdullah Umar, Agung Hari Sasongko, Glory Aguzman, Sugiharto (2016) Home-based Business Development Strategy: The Marketing Mix And Swot Analysis

Lembaga Penelitian Um Metro

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The purpose of this study was to determine the business strategy of a home - based business. Where a business can be done in the neighborhood. This can be seen more and more are utilizing the house as a place to conduct a wide range of busine sses both small businesses as well as considerable effort. For example, boutiques, food stalls or laundry kilogram. But a good business or home - based businesses considerable effort still requires special attention. Established business can offer value prop osition to customers and to retain customers. Besides this business is expected to compete with competitors. But many home - based businesses that have failed, because they do not pay attention to some things. This study uses a qualitative method by conducti ng interviews and observations directly to the home - based business environment. Several strategies can be used for home - based businesses such as by using Marketing Mix analysis with 7P and in combination with SWOT analysis. With this research is expected t o create a home - based business that can last a long time and compete with other home - based business, and be able to penetrate the market and positive impact to the lives of the people in general.

Keywords: Marketing Mix, Value Proposition, Home Business, Competitors