Dwi Edi wibowo, Beny Diah Madusari,Chalimah, Jafron Wasig Hidayat (2016) Management Of Coastal Areasto Improve Competitivenesscommodities Seaweed

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Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world consisting of around 17,500 islands with an area of approximately 5.8 million km2 and 81,000 km stretch of the line, most of the islands are small island has a wealth of natural resources and environmental services potential, Natural resource wealth is quite large because it is supported by the presence of these ecosystems include coral reef, the sea, sea grass and mangroves. Marine living resources in these areas have the potential diversity and high economic value such as grou per, napoleon, and ornamental fish. Agro - industr y and flour seaweed kerageranan Indonesia owns 35% share of the world's seaweed in 2010. Raw materials used in the extraction keragenan is seaweed, to meet the needs of domestic keragenan until now still has to import. The potential of seaweed (algae) in I ndonesian waters covering an area of 26,700 ha with a potential product of 482 400 tonnes / year. Given the scale of the potential use of algae, mainly for export, so this time it has strived to be cultivated. Seaweed farming has a lot to do and still be improved. The involvement of all parties in the cultivation and marketing of technology is a decisive factor in stimulating the community to develop seaweed farming. The role of government regulation in the determination of the area of cultivation, the assistance of the parties to improve the quality of production and guarantees a good price from the buyer / exporter of seaweed determine the sustainability of the commodity cultivation of seaweed. The government policy in the regulation and management of coastal areas and small islands is centralized and ignore the interests of the community. Besides, the system management of coastal areas and small island ditinaju legal aspects still overlap or are contradictory an d do not provide optimal protection.

Keywords : M anagement, Coastal Areas, Seaweed


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