Eka Nurhalimatus Sifa (2016) E-waqf As An Alternative Solution For Infrastructure Development Based On Crowdfunding

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Infrastructure is the driving wheels of an economic growth which played as a locomotive development of a country. Infrastructure as Indonesia‟s competitiv still weak in the international level. Until now, indonesia‟s infrastructure rank still in 85 of the 155 the state .While for asean , is under singapore , malaysia , thailand , the philippines and vietnam Based on the research Bank Indonesia, the infrastructure conditions have any significant impact on the income growth per capita. But, this situation was not supported with adequate financing. For the period of 2015 - 2020, Indonesia needed about 5.519 trillion for in frastucture, but the available budget only Rp 1,178 trillion or 21.34 % of the total needs of.Waqf is one of islamic law as instrument of distribution wealth which effectively increasing the welfare. Waqf, during is identical with immovable asset, accordi ng to the UU no. 41 article 16 year 2004 that the not limited by immovable asset, but movable property as money can become the waqf object. By the largest muslim population in the world and the potential cash waqf very great but is not ideal yet, then waq f is the alternative solution to increasing infrastructure development.E - waqaf is a solution digital crowdfund based which improving potential waqf with seeing the opportunity users smartphone that rises significant every year. With e - waqaf, waqaf can do w ith the online transactions, anytimes and anywhere. In addition to facilitating transactions, e - waqaf provides option to the allocation of funds in accordance waqif will, based on the location and allocations infrastructures selected. There were also colle cted update with detail as a form of transparency funds to society.Waqf digitalisation considered crucial given that the potential very large for upgrading the development infrasruktur and then to improve economic conditions . Is an effective and efficient step to realize because e - waqaf facilitating for distribute the public‟s wealth and make more integrated systems.

Keywords : Crowdfund E - Waq f, Infrastructure, Economic Growth, Cash Waqf .