Etik Puji Handayani, Supriyadi (2016) Modeling Of Cooperative Agribusiness For Economic Empowerment Of Community

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The Cooperative as a forum for economic activities expected to role in the welfare of the Indonesian people. The majority of Indonesian people depend on agriculture. As a manufacturer of agricultural commodities, the farmers need a variety of certainty and easiness in managing farms and the establishment of the cooperative is an option. Various factors are barri ers to an obstacle in the growth and development of the cooperative. One of the cooperative that can be developed as a provider, supplier, processor and once the market for agricultural commodities is integrated agribusiness cooperatives. This study aimed to obtain: (1) model for accelerating the diffusion and adoption of cooperative agribusiness and (2) model for accelerating the innovation dissemination of cooperative agribusiness in economic empowerment of community. The method used in this research is t he desk study, with studying various phenomena of cooperative activities and agricultural commodities that can be cultivated in an effort to meet the expectations of society. The results of this study showed that the model of cooperative development requir es integrated agribusiness activities of procurement, processing, distribution, and marketing. The realization of cooperative agribusiness was able to create community participation as development partners, and not as a target community.

Keywords : Institutional Agriculture, Modeling of Agribusiness, Social Economic Improvement


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