Marhaban Sigalingging, Suharto (2016) Business Management Strategies In The Globalization Era (era Afta)

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Business is an activity undertaken indi viduals or groups (organizations) to offer goods and services to the public in order for profit or revenue by way of the transaction. It means that individuals or groups offering and selling of goods or services to meet the needs of the public and make the general public are satisfied with what is given it was. There are many ways that the businessman could attract consumers as much as possible to obtain greater profits. Because we need to know that samakin many consumers are interested in the goods and ser vices on offer, the advantage is in getting even more will. One way that is widely used to attract consumers is creating an ad. The businessman mostly vying for consumers with another businessman in a way to create an ad that is very interesting. Advertisi ng is a media liaison between consumers and producers due to consumer advertising can know what is on offer and the quality of goods or services. We learn the business in order to balance a development period, which in the era (the era of globalization) in the compulsory to learn a wide range of human activities including business activities. One of the strategies that can be undertaken by companies to grab the attention of the public with the concept of experiential marketing. Under this concept, the compa ny seeks to engage consumers through emotions, feelings, encourage them to think, act, and to build community. The success execute these five elements will make the brand more embedded in the hearts of consumers.

Keywords : Management strategies, globaliza tion