Rahmat Ridhwan, Abuhason Yusoh (2016) Empirical Of Islamic Principle To Develop An Economic Society In Indonesia

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Indonesia is the biggest country has a larger Muslim population in the world, and Islam is the first largest religion with ov er 202.9 million followers or as 87.2% in Indonesia. Actually, Islam is an attractive religion that upholds funds to fraternity to help those who less fortunate as called needy. By the way, Muslim people have to be rich men by following the way of Allah almighty which to encourage in spending Zakat as the one of the main pillar in Islam. Nevertheless, a large amount of Muslim people still in poverty - stricken status and cannot sustain with their family. Therefore, the research is going to discusses about the solution that has been offered by Islamic religion to improve the economic communities and solve the poverties issues to be declined as fast as possible. The researchers follow the inductive and analytical approach to achieve the research objective. Finally, the research will be provided the results to ma ke sure a Muslim as true ( kaafah ) and turn awareness of helping among Muslims for support Muslims to live as well in economic elevation.

Keywords: Islamic Principle, Poverty, Develop Economic.


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