Ratmono, Nedi Hendri, Yateno (2016) Marketing City Leading Products Based Approach One Village One Product (ovop) In Thecity -province Of Lampung

Lembaga Penelitian Um Metro

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Alternative Marketing Cities that can be used at this time one of them is to use the model OVOP (One Village One Porduct), construction and development requires the par ticipation of all relevant institutions, Triple Helix (government, public, and academic ) to realize the city has a high competitiveness with superior products. In this study aims to (1) get an idea of the potential that exists and do marketing the city of Bandar Lampung (2) Making classification of superior products potentially based One Vil lage One Product (OVOP), which can be developed by the people of the town in the province of Lampung (3 ) Perform reconstruction based marketing One Village One Product (OVOP), and utilization of local resources in the province of Lampung. While the method used in this research is the method are varied collection, primary data through Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and in - depth interviews (depth interview) and secondary data obtained from the publication. The results of this study overview of the development o f superior products owned Metro City and the city of Bandar Lampung.

Keywords: Featured Products, OVOP, Competitiveness


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