Selvy Mardiana (2016) The Development Ofcreative Industriesthrough Cranci (crafter Cinta Lampung) Cooperative

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The production of small and homebased creative women performed most often find difficulty in obtaining good quality raw materials at an affordable price, in addition to marketing the finished product also became a problem for crafters. For it was the community of CRANCI (CRAFTER CINTA LAMPUNG) based on similarity of activity as a container for the exchange of thoughts and solutions for the difficulties faced by the artisans. This research was done with a qualitati ve approach to the types of descriptive research because this research aims to make a description in a systematic, factual, and accurate about t he facts, properties and relationships between phenomena concerning the development of the creative industries i n craft sector through a co - operative and community CRANCI. From the results of the discussion can be known that CRANCI in developing creative industries is done by providing education for its members, both members of the community as well as members of t he cooperative. Education is carried out in order to upgrading product quality and the selling price, in addition with CRANCI problems facing artisans such as procurement of raw materials can be obtained at a reasonable price, crafter product marketed b y another variety of online marketing to social media and offline by following bazar, exhibitions and booth rental in shopping centers.

Keywords : Creative Industri, Cooperative.


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