Srinita (2016) Food Security Influence Against Employment Opportunity At Aceh Province

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Along with the regionl autonomy is very important for any particular region especially for Aceh Province to achieve sustainable food security. The agricultural sector is the backbone of the economy of Aceh Province people. The agricultural sector is the ke y to strengthen food security. The agricultural sector had proven its role in the national economy through employment and business opportunity in other sectors as well as increased revenue. This study aims to examine the effect of food security to employme nt opportunity at Aceh Province. This research method uses survey - explanatory. Sample was farmer households in Districts of Aceh Selatan, Aceh Barat Daya, Lhokseumawe, Langsa, Pidie and Aceh amount 100 respondents. Sampling technique used cluster and pursp osive random sampling. The finding of research was food security has significant effect on employment opportunity in Aceh Province

Keywords: Food Security and Employment Opportunity


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