Yurika Desiany, Titik Herwanti, EndarPituringsih (2016) The Analysis Of Fixed Assets Management At Mataram University

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This study aims to analyze the implementation of Fixed Assets Management at Mataram University and to determine the factors that become constraints in the Fixed Assets Manageme nt at Mataram University. This study uses a qualitative research approach. The informants in this study were selected through purposive sampling technique and then followed by snow ball sampling technique. The purposive sampling technique is used to determ ine the key informant and other informants within the criteria of the job duties and functions directly related to the Management of State - Owned Assets(SOA) at Mataram University, while the next supporting informants were selected by snowball sampling tech nique. The results of this study indicate that the Fixed Assets Management at MataramUniversity is net running optimally yet. This is because of the organizational constraints in some departements which are related to the Management of State - Owned Assets ( SOA) that is not running as it should, the lack of commitment of the managers of State - Owned Assets (SOA) at Mataram University to curb The Management of State - Owned Assets (SOA), and lack of competent Human Resources (HR). To resolve the constraints, the officials at the Mataram University must evaluate and improve how each departements which are related to the management of State - Owned Assets (SOA) running their duties and functions, to build and strengthen the commitment and awareness of all policy leade rs at Mataram University in realizing the fixed assets management more orderly, increase the competent human resource through training or socialization in relation to the fixed assets management .

Keywords : State - Owned Assets (SOA), Fixed Assets, Managemen t, Implementation, Constraints