Galuh Nashrullah Kartika Mayangsari Rofam (2016) Rahn Implementation In Sungai Lulut The District Of Banjar (islamic Law Review)

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Rahn is one muamalah transaction that commonly done both in rural and urban areas, which is known as sanda. In practice, sanda has many things that deviate from Islamic law, both contract and implementation. Sanda is often performed as part of the choice of the farming community, in order to overcome the economic problems. This qualitative research is using a pheno menological approach. Through the Husserl's phenomenological approach; epoche - eidetic vision, the author tries to understand a reality purely on the practice of Rahn in Sungai Lulut the District of Banjar community, then analyzed through the perspective of Islamic law. This study found that although there is a mismatch against Islamic law, sanda remains the Sungai Lulut community‚Äüs choice. Convenience in the transaction and the closeness of kinship elements as well as elements of indigenous causes persisten ce of irregularities in sanda practice. Even though they understand Islam properly, it get less priority in indigenous communities. The purpose of this research is to study the implementation of Islamic legal theory (the Rahn concept) in Banjar community. This research is expected to contribute to the Sungai Lulut the Distrik of Banjar community in particular and observers of Islamic law in general, so that between theory and practice is expected to run consistent.

Keywords : Rahn, sanda, Customs, Islamic L aw.