Ardiansyah Japlani (2016) The Economic Growth In Way Kanan

Lembaga Penelitian Um Metro

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Based on the Minister of Home Affairs Regulation No. 54 Year 2010, strategic issue is a condition / that to be watched or put forward in regional development planning because o f the significant impact for the region. Strategic issued can used as measure of regional economic development.Research was conducted in Way Kanan. Way Kanan district has a very strategic nature resource that can support economic development. The economic growth is high compared with Indonesia total economic growth in 2014, but the value of the Gross Domestic product is still third lowest in Lampung Province. This research related to the local government in Way Kanan. This research aims to identify the stra tegic issues that happen in Way Kanan district to further increase economic growth in Way Kanan.

Keywords: Economic Growth, Strategic Issues


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