Raden Arief Fadlilah (2016) Dwelling Time (welfare Society Or Welfare Interest Groups)

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Dwelling time is a measure of the time it takes container imports, sinc e the containers unloaded from ships (berthing) to get out of the harbor area (gate out). Influence dwelling time becomes a special view of the developments in the economy due to a lot of legal violations in licensing unloading the ship carried. In practic e corruptive behavior occurs that causes inefficiency, it is necessary regulatory certainty to ensure the loading and unloading activities went so well that raises efficiency This study uses normative legal approach that is associated with the economic app roach. This study is the law of the approach of economic analysis of law, which includes: (1) Transactions Cost Economy who evaluate the efficiency of legal regulations with regard to the majority of private law; (2) The New Economics Institute; (3) The th eory of "Public Of Choice". The results of the research that the implementation of the dwelling time was originally intended for the efficiency of loading and unloading time it resulted in inefficiency. In the implemented economic efficiency and establish rules that raise tax rates for imported goods and the maximization of the entire technical implementation of the service dwelling time by streamlining arrangements and commitment of the various stakeholders for the realization of people's welfare.

Keywords : Dwelling Time, Law, Economics, Efficient, Welfare


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