Slamet Haryadi (2016) The Prevention Of Violation The Rights Of Suspects By Police In Law Enforcement (an Effort To Build A Culture Of Human Rights-based Police Law)

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The national police, as well as being the stronghold of law enforcement, has such a duty of protection of human rights. The problem is precisely the police in carrying out law enforc ement more violates Human Rights, both administrative and procedural violations, and violations of physical/violence. It occurs in the case of the light up to the case that the heavy procedural infringement. The violation of human rights by police as if be comes habit. Therefore, reinterpret human rights and human rights violations are understood by Police, is an attempt to answer the problem. Prevention of human rights violations requires such a cognitive approach. Placing mindset (thought) in the cognitive structure of apparatus as subject to change. The understanding of the criminal law and human rights instruments as knowledge and new awareness. Starting from the mental activity of apparatus for directing and controlling the mind for all the good things a nd open to do as well as close the negative things and not commendable. The police who realized that they have evidence of the important position that are empowered to enforce the law will give justice to man with wisdom and tact.

Keywords : Violation the Rights of Suspects , Police in Law Enforcement , Culture of Human Rights


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