Agatha Kristi Pramudika Sari (2016) The Implementation Of Talking Chips On Improving Students‟ Speaking Ability

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This study aimed to figure out the improvement of students‟ speaking ability on Bahasa in Primary school. It is a quantitativ e research by using nonequivalent control group design. The sample of this study is class 4 A and 4 B w hich consisted of 47 students in Puncak 1 primary school of Kuningan. The collected data was done through observation and test. Meanwhile analytical data was calculated by using hypothesis test. The result of this study shows that there is significant diff erence on the students achievement before (69,78) and after using talking chips (79,35) It gained t account = 2,74 > t table = 1,68 so H 1 is accepted, it means the talking chips can improve the students‟ speaking ability on Bahasa in primary school.

Keywords : Students‟ ability, speaking, talking chips


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