Ali Halidin (2016) The Asimilation Of Madrasah To The Culture‟s Community (study Of The Buginess Custom In South Sulawesi)

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The implementation of education in schools need the concept and regulation, direction and co - ordination against a school, principals with the community and the stock holder in constructing the maximal collaboration and developing not only the buildi ng schools, the learning matterials but also the products.The effective Madrasah is one of Islamic education that had a curriculum, the, teaching and learning strategy and there was effective instruction through with the people that have an an d producin g outcome. The vision and mission to motivate and pride for an organization. So the mission is desired by all organization or institution to be like what they want it the future.This research would see the how far The Madrasah educatio n is realizing the co mmunity and people in South Sulawesi, especially trough the Buginess local culture.This Study focus in the attitude of religious people, capable in scientific - charitable and skilled and professionalized, to give a guarantee of the life clearly, to the chil dren of the nation. This to see the relation clearly the conditions of education sector, morals, and cultural of the cultural community people The Bugeness Community as a case study of this research to drill up the considaration of the Madrasah and local c ultur e of the people in South Sulawesi.

Keywords : Empowering, Learning, Culture Community


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