Arman Abdul Rohman (2016) Establishing The Communication Intensivebetween The Professors And Studentsonline Web-based

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The quality of student learning is determined by the quality of communication between lecture and s tudents. Intensive communication will help the students to improve the quality of the learning process and results. Ideally, Intensive communica tion not only built on in the classroom, but also have to be built on outside of the classroom. Some of the dif ficulties that are common in the teaching - learning process are: a). Difficulties in delivery duties of lecturers to students; b) Difficulties in the evaluation and assessment tasks; c). Difficulty in managing instructional materials must be received by all students. The purpose of this study was to develop a model that could facilitate communication and management of student tasks, so that the learning process more easily controlled by the lecture. Action research method is a research method chosen to devel op this study. The study was conducted directly with students during the learning process. The research was conducted over two years, from 2014 to 2016. T he research result is a model of the online WEB - based and named SIMBERSAMA. Lecturers and students ca n login using a web address . The advantages of this model are as follows: a) Students and faculty can enter each profile after logging into the program .; b). Lecturers able to share the syllabus and teaching materials in the menu SHARED FILE; c). Lecturers able to give assignments to students via the TASK menu; d). Each student able to submit their tas k to the lecturers in accordance with the agreed condition s; e) Lecturers able to check and send back results of a review in accordance with use android or laptop, in accordance with the time owned a lecturer. f). Students immediately able to know s core that given by lecturers, after lecturers finished reviewing the task. g) At the end of the semester the lecturer able to analyze the result of all the tasks including the Middle Semester Exam (UTS) and final semester exams (UAS), as well as the final scores. This model can be used freely and free of charge by all the students and lecturers at various universities in Indonesia and outside of Indonesia.

Keywords : Communication, online web - based