Chusna Apriyanti (2016) Building Multilingual Children In Early Childhood(a Strategy To Improve Multilingual Ability For Children: The Sketch Of Semiotic Study)

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This paper aims to know the strateg ies to build children multilingual ability (English language, Bahasa Indonesia, and Javanese language). The researcher used descriptive qualitative research design simultaneously approached with semiotic study. The dat a are collected through observation an d interview to the teachers of PAUD Plus Az - Zalfa. The result showed that the strategies to improve children multilingual ability were implemented into three basic steps: the language level, the communication relation and the workday used. Those steps cove r the language level in sentence structure. Words were introduced to preschool and playgroup students, phrases and sentences were introduced to playgroup, K1 and K2 students. The implementations of those strategies wer e through daily routines and activitie s. It was included in main activities and supported activities. Main activities covered the thematic activities, including telling story, cooking, drawing, coloring, etc. The supported activities covered playing games and singing. The teachers used multili ngual languages in dialogues among students - students, teachers - students, teachers - school principal and employees, and teachers - parents. The implementation of speaking multilingual languages was also divided in workday language. Mixed English and Bahasa Ind onesia were used on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The Javanese language was used on Thursday. In conclusion, the implementation of those above strategies can build children multilingual ability. English language was important for intern ational communication and Javanese language was important to preserve the local content and students‟ mother tongue.

Keywords: multilingual ability, teaching strategies, multilingual children, playgroup students


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