Cut Irna Setiawati, Titin Rini Kartini (2016) Readiness Of Business Administration Student Forthcoming Asean Economic Community In 2015: An Empirical Study From Imabi Congress Stakeholders

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Currently, higher education insti tution has the fundamental role as the main center transformer of qualified graduates that provided with entrepreneurship skill simultaneously to compete in the globalization arena for instance ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Among majors in university, Bu siness Administration major is encouraging to prepare students to become the tough, intelligent, smart decision maker and educated young entrepreneurs with proper curriculum supplements. Unfortunately, the students‟ readiness is still unclear whereas the c hallenging AEC was existed since an early of 2016. The purpose of this research is to identify the reality regards on the readiness of Business Administration students in several Indonesian univer sities towards AEC. This research uses descriptive method in presenting data that consist of the importance scale on development education elements and the readiness scale on factors represented from language and knowledge perspective. This research uses questionnaires and distributes to IMABI Congress stakeholders as the sample because they are originate from different universities throughout Indonesia that qualify expected to clarify the reality of their readiness and education development i n the campus openly. The stakeholders distinguished as the delegation, com mittee, former and most recent IMABI superintendents. This research finds that students‟ readiness towards AEC synchronize with the education development which interpreted into factors such as English skills; other language skills, knowledge about culture, business law, ethics, political, social, economy and market trends condition of AEC member countries; new technology and basic computer skill; the importance of entrepreneurship; organizational skills; innovation and creativity; and the readiness of unive rsity

K e y w ord s : readiness, BA, students, AEC, IMABIcongress, stakeholder


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