Ayu Desriani, Susi Indriyani (2016) The Image, Quality And Price Of Sulam Usus On Consumer Purchasing Decisions

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Sulam usus or superior cloth craft is originated from Bandar Lampung. In products such as Tapis cloth which is Batik Lampung as the patterns. Sulam usus has a typical manufacturing process , consists of a series of fabric th at resembles the intestine thus the embroidery is called embroidery intestine (SulamUsus) . Sulam usus enthusiasts are not only from domestic but also from international tourists who visit Lampung, they buy it as a souvenir. Sulam usus has a classy image that can improve peopleā€Ÿs look. This is reflected from the good quality from the product it self. This study aims to evaluate the imag e of product, quality and the price of Sulam usus on buyer purchasing decisions. This is a descriptive research which is supported by survey, testing and data process has been performed and the results are valid and reliable. The Result shows whole independent variable influence the purchasing decisions of sulam usus simultaneously. Partially, price is the most influential in buyer purchasing decisions of sulam usus in Bandar Lampung.

Keywords: Sulam usus , The Image, Price, Quality


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