Dety Mulyanti (2016) The Role Of Decision In Order To Create Innovation In Education

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Decision theory offers a conceptually simple procedure to select a number of alternative, consequences, and the relationship which is formed between the alternative and consequence of alternative selection. The quality of education in school, there a re sev eral components that are associated with each other, namely: the results of student learning as high as possible, student learning which describes the relationship between student with different forms of learning resources, technical capabilitiy o f profess ional from school that illustrate the role of school in creating a learning environment for students, management capability that describe the input of school management which supports the teaching.Education as a process of empowerment of human participants - students into the human resources (HR) is suitable for any environment and development period, should be guided by values that correspond to the nature of man as a social creature culture. Therefore, education should be guided by values: religion, philo sophy, culture, morals. The role of decision making in order to create innovation in the field of education is expected paradigm shift that led to the renewal of the emphasis on values and attitudes, in which the support is related to the information use d as an opportunity to give direction to the human resource development so intertwined cooperation, trust, in running regulations set by the government as to produce stability and attitude as the basis of a commitment in setting innovation in the field of education.