Febi Nur Biduri M.Hum (2016) Models Of Teaching Materials To Read Chinese Language Based Culture And Literature Using Contextual Approach

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The formulation of this research is “How does the model o f teaching materials reading Mand arin with a contextual approach also introduce elements literature and culture to be a story in the reading skills”. Using Research and Development method, was called research - based development, is research methodology whic h developed new product and complete existing product. Research and development teaching materials will focus on product textbooks development which appropriate in the needs of students, faculty and major. Teaching reading Mandarin language materials which is made use literary text and culture. Literary text and culture is literary text which manifold folklore or we usu ally called Folklor, because folklore is kind of culture that spread and in herited either verbally or gesture or auxiliaries reminder. Folk lore was used to students more known about habit of Chinese society and motivated students to learn Mandarin language. Folklore which will be used in manucfaturing teaching materials of this course is partially oral folklore. The aim of this research is de veloping product that can be used in educational institution, and give an attention to language aspects. Data analysis of this research is us ing research and development (R&D) by Brown, Bo rg and Gall. Research development teaching materials consisting thr ee phases which are development phase, implementation phase and evaluation phase [1] .

Keywords : Chinese Language, Reading, Model materials, Implementing, Goals


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